Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open Letter From CB7 to NYS Senate

Fresh from the BoogieDowner inbox is this open letter from Community Board 7 to the New York State Senate:


Dear Members of the NYS Senate,

On the behalf of the members, residents, businesses, and students in Bronx Community Board 7, we respectfully urge you to heed the Governor’s call to convene the Senate and conduct the business of the people. There is too much at stake to allow partisan and personal agendas to take precedence over the needs of millions of New Yorkers. New Yorkers are struggling with the effects of increasing uncertainty in our economy, in our homes, and in our schools. Compounding these stresses, by adding the uncertainty of the direction of our own government, exasperates the aforementioned and demonstrates callousness for the plight of the people.

We plead the people’s case once again, the same people who you are charged in representing as our Senate, and advise for their benefit that you vote and act on those matters before you today. Thank you.


Gregory W. Faulkner, Chairman

Fernando P. Tirado, District Manager

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Anonymous said...

In the words of CB7 I "respectfully urge" you to read the post on Oswego Democrat entitled "Message to Downstate: Toss 'em out".