Saturday, June 13, 2009

Investigations Mounting For Espada

The NY Times is reporting that Pedro Espada is under much more scrutiny than previously believed. Not only is Robert Johnson the Bronx DA involved, but also Andrew Cuomo, the state attorney general. The first few sentences lays the gravity of the investigations into Mr. Espada's campaign finances, residency, and dishy member item requests.

"State and local investigations into Pedro Espada Jr., who claimed the title of Senate president in a coup last week, are broader than previously believed. Law enforcement officials are reviewing records of taxpayer-financed travel, campaign records and legislative earmarks, as well as Mr. Espada’s residency, people with knowledge of the investigations said Saturday."

Hopefully the attention garnered by Mr. Espada's selfish and traitorous power play will be his down fall. We woefully unrepresented and betrayed 33rd District constituents can only hope.


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