Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stargazing For Free...

The following tip and photo came in from BD reader Ana Del Castillo:
Thought you might be interested in this guy...

Saturday night, my husband and I walked out of where we were catching a quick bite to eat when we stumbled on this scene.

Jay, a lovely and very generous guy who has a passion for astronomy and all things celestial, set his telescope up on the corner of Johnson and 235th in Riverdale and focused it upon the moon. Then he stood around and invited whoever passed by to take a gander. I have to say, it felt a little magical to have such a wonderful and unexpected gift like that given so easily, and in the Bronx!

Jay has a blog ( where he posts when and where he's setting up his telescope and what he'll be focusing it on.

On a sort of funny note, I was feeling very light and airy as I walked away from seeing the moon's craters and neon, mystical, glow so up close until my husband said under his breath, "I'll show everyone a moon..."
Good stuff... Thanks Ana!


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