Monday, June 15, 2009

City Island Firehouse Saved!

Once again, Council Member James Vacca is getting it done for Bronxites.

He has announced this evening that the City Council will be restoring $17 million in funding which will ensure the continued operation of not only City Island's Ladder Company 53, but also 15 other fire companies around the City.

Here's what Jimmy Vacs (yes, we've officially given Council Member Vacca a nickname) had to say about the good news:
“Today’s agreement is vindication for the thousands of City Island residents and supporters who have been fighting for seven months to preserve basic life-saving services in this remote community,” said Vacca, who as Chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Services Committee of the City Council led the body’s advocacy for the restoration of funds.

“We have argued from the beginning that taking away Ladder 53 could have dangerous and possibly even deadly consequences, and I am proud to say that my colleagues in the Council heard our message loud and clear. This victory belongs to the thousands of residents who showed up at rallies, signed postcards to the Mayor, and let everyone know that this was a fight we were never going to give up on.”
The City Council will vote to finalize the deal later this week.

Kudos to Council Member Vacca, as well as all the other Bronxites who advocated on behalf of Ladder 53!

*Photo via jag9889's flickr photostream*



Anonymous said...

Vacca sucks, he is Quinn puppet and extended term limits without a public referendum. vacca is a troll

Tired of being broke said...

LOL at giving him a nickname. I like the name vacs. LOL