Monday, June 15, 2009

Espada Deigned to Stay the Night?

So we thought Senator Espada's Benz was still parked outside of our building when we got up this morning and did a post reporting such... However, upon closer inspection it appeared to be a freakishly similar black Benz with skylight parked in the spot Espada was using throughout the evening. The car we saw in the morning was a bit different though... it was an older model and there was an antenna on the back of the car. So at this point we don't really know if the Senator spent the night here at his "primary residence." Any Bainbridge House neighbors out there want to weigh in on noise or comings/goings from his unit throughout the night?

It'd be nice if Mr. Espada spent the eve of the most important day of his political career with us here in the Bronx. Although, it looks like everything in Albany is going to get a little murkier with Hiram Monserrate officially defecting back to the Democrats.

Today is sure to be an absolute circus. No Monserrate for the Republicans means that the senate is now 31-31. Who gets that deciding tie-breaking vote with no Lieutenant Governor? We also have a judge handing down a decision before 3pm if the two sides can't play nice.


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Anonymous said...

Joining in from 201st & gremlins tell me he was in town for "2 hours" guessing....paperwork, clothes, apperance, etc..............WOW, he spend more time at The Ball game in The South Bronx than his alleged North Bronx home. I have not seen Espada directly-but I have seen the Espada recall petitions, as many Alagamated residents were on Mosholu over the weekend requesting signatures for the recall of Pedro Espada.

Keep up the great work!!!!!