Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotted: Espada's Benz in the BoogieDown

Just coming in from running some errands and saw what I believe to be Pedro Espada's Mercedes Benz (license plate matches up with Marcia Kramer's report outside Espada's home in Mamaroneck) parked outside 325 E. 201st Street.

The above cell phone picture doesn't do the car justice... All I can say is dayum! Dude should really hire someone to keep an eye on his ride - we don't regularly see bling like that on streets of Bedford Park.



Anonymous said...

LOL.....He is probably pissed that he has to pretend to live there now.

Eric said...

That almost proves the point that he has a permanent garage somewhere else because if he has to park on the Street every night he wouldn't have such an expensive attention grabbing car. It would be something that would blend in more and not attract vandals. Unless "his apartment" comes with a parking space.

Boogiedowner said...

AGREED on all points. Nah, we have a long wait list for parking here at Bainbridge House. We'll get a spot before he does (if he even bothered to put himself on the list).

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have a parking space, and is not on the waiting list. Sometimes sonny boy and yapping dog, Lucky, arrive in papa's SUV - also seen at the Mamaroneck address.