Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monserrate Getting Cold Feet? Coup in Jeopardy?

It looks like Hiram Monserrate might be getting cold feet (or ambition for a better purchase price for his vote). The Daily Intel is reporting that Monserrate has been having meetings with several Democrats in Albany (Eric Schneiderman, Carl Kruger, Bill Perkins, and Malcolm Smith's heir-apparent, John Sampson) and that a deal might be developing that would spell the end of this short lived Republican coup in the state senate. In any outcome it seems that Malcolm Smith will lose his leadership position for not being able to herd his party's votes, not foreseeing these machinations right under his nose, and for texting during a meeting with a billionaire patron.

Even more serious are reports that President Obama himself has put calls into both Senators Espada and Monserrate to convince them to return the tender bosom of the Democratic caucus.

BD prediction: Monserrate defects back to the Dems with a balance shifting Republican and John Sampson is elected Majority Leader. Does anyone know what happens if only only Monserrate comes back and it's 31-31? Who holds the tie-breaking vote with no lieutenant Governor?


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