Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacca Hails $2 Million Boost to City’s Pothole-Repair Budget

Today’s e-mails seem positive for our city and our borough. Here is our own, Bronx Councilman James Vacca, improving our city streets through more funding. Please do call the number below to report any potholes that need repair. The extra $2 million should make a huge difference in the quality of our streets. Please do send any.jpgs of large potholes as well to our e-mail address at, I am curious to see what our readers find out there.


Vacca Hails $2 Million Boost to City’s Pothole-Repair Budget
Joins DOT Commissioner in Alphabet City to fill ceremonial crater

BRONX, NY ― After warning City officials of worsening pothole conditions citywide and launching a “pothole patrol” to monitor road conditions in the northeast Bronx, Council Member James Vacca today applauded the City’s allocation of an additional $2 million toward pothole repairs this winter.
“For weeks, I urged City Hall to have all hands on deck before the potholes on our streets became craters. This extra $2 million will go a long way to returning our roads to a state of good repair,” Vacca said. “The weather may be warming up, but to the millions of motorists facing an obstacle course every time they leave their house, the winter doesn’t end when the snow melts from the ground – the winter ends when the last pothole is filled.”
Vacca, who chairs the City Council’s Transportation Committee, joined New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Council Member Margaret Chin on February 16 to announce the allocation and to fill a ceremonial pothole on East 2nd Street in the Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan.
DOT estimates that the additional funding will allow its work crews to fill 40,000 extra potholes and to conduct 30,000 square yards of strip paving by the end of the pothole-filling season in April. This will be accomplished by extended the weekday shift from eight hours to 10 hours for 30 crews and by assigning 40 work crews to work 10 weekend days.
Residents who spot potholes on their streets should call the city’s 311 complaint service and also report the condition to Vacca’s Office at (718) 931-1721.

Caption 1: Council Member James Vacca joins DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan (c.) and Council Member Margaret Chin of Manhattan to announce $2 million in additional funding for pothole repairs.

Caption 2: Council Members James Vacca and Margaret Chin shovel hot asphalt into a deep crater on East 2nd Street in Alphabet City, the first of tens of thousands of potholes the City will be filling with an extra $2 million allocated to repairs.

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