Thursday, February 3, 2011

Must see video on the state of NYC public education: "Real Teachers for Real Reform" featuring NYC educator Maria Castillo.

Please see attached a video sent to me concerning the experiences of a NYC Board of education H.S. teacher. Her name is Maria Castillo. Besides being gentle on the eyes she is articulate and makes a lot of interesting points. I applaud her courage because I know from past experience, as a NYC special education teacher, any expression against the system can very easily and will probably lead to retaliation from the administration. Please note this is not an attack against all administrators but there are some "winners" out there. Teachers and administrators must and will work together if our goal is success for our youth. Many of the decisions made concerning the education of Bronx youth comes from consultants brought in that would not last a week or care to last a week educating NYC youth. I remember discussions about consultants being shipped in from as far as Australia. Trust me BIG, FAT CONTRACTS. Here is an honest voice from someone on the FRONT LINES. As mentioned earlier I was a teacher and have some stories or articles of my own to post. Some of them will make heads spin. I am sure it will be heated discussion. Please do post your comments below. The films title is; "Real Teachers for Real Reform". The group behind the project is, "The Bronx African American History Project". The editor is DJ Charlie Hustle. Kudos to all everyone invloved.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It shows the reality of the situation. Reminds me of the old adage: "If our origin is animalistic, then our destination will rise no higher." I suggest the schools drop the censorship and their exclusive loyalty to the theories of Darwin the man who believed in favored races (i.e. racism) and allow intelligent design as a minority alternative. I bet this sweet teacher wishes she were allowed to pray for help before each class. Too bad that's illegal. You reap what you sow. --Bob in the Bronx

Anonymous said...

There is only one solution to the problems expressed in the video and experienced by good teachers every day: good parenting. The best teachers in the world can't undo the damage done by parents who blame the schools and teachers for their children's poor performance; who feed their children junk; who let them watch TV and video games all day and night; who never read to or play with them; who do not have a set bedtime; who do not discipline consistently, calmly, and constructively; who do not teach by example how to take responsibility for their actions and how to live with integrity; who abuse drugs and alcohol; who blame poverty or racism for their problems. Good parenting does not cost anything, can be done in any language, requires no formal training, but does take time and love. Send a well-parented child to school, and he/she will be any teacher's joy. That child will learn as well as any child in Singapore, Japan, or Korea.