Sunday, February 27, 2011

American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires: Hip Hop Video made at the Madison, Wisconsin Demonstrations

It's been a month and about 18,000 articles read on the Boogiedowner since Lou and Erin turned the site over to me. Part of the "master plan" is to introduce additional bloggers increasing coverage, experiences and opinions represented.

The first additional “BoogieDowner blogger” is a precocious young Latina born and raised in the Bronx. Her name is Desiree. An award wining playwright, she is a success story of a mixed NYC public and private school education and her mother that raised her. After attending PS31 for kindergarten, she attended Trevor Day School in Manhattan and then entered Bronx High School of Science in the ninth grade. She is currently a second semester freshman at Bard Early College at Simon's Rock. She is majoring in Political Science and Economics, however her favorite class is Chinese language. I am sure she will make waves of her own as she matures. I am also certain that she will one day do great things for the Bronx. She will be handling much of the youth related issues, however her first post relates to her major of Political Science. It is with great pride that I introduce one of the stellar youth of our borough as a member of the BoogieDowner team. Please read her post below and view this great video sent by one of our readers. The only issue I have with the rap commentary is the rapper wearing a Red Sox cap during segments of the video. Please do forgive him for this and enjoy his commentary regardless.


First Post by additional Boogiedowner Blogger; Desiree

Below is the first hip hop video made at the Madison, Wisconsin demonstrations. Based on the information I currently have, they are protesting a proposal by the new Republican governor, Scott Walker, that disables much of the bargaining power of the Wisconsin public employee unions and simultaneously imposes pay cuts on state workers by rerouting more of their paychecks towards health care and pension plans.

Although no one has been arrested yet, tension is high at the capitol as supporters flood in. At last check the demonstrators numbered over 70,000. This protest will affect us all, including here in the Bronx. It is an exemplary display of democracy in action. People need to continue to peacefully demonstrate for lasting reform and exercise their rights as American citizens to have a say in their governance.

All the best to those in Wisconsin. You are not alone.



Anonymous said...

Good job, Desiree. Yes, what happens in Wisconsin will affect all of us, even in the Bronx.
Hope you will keep your posts relevant, succinct, and as well written as this one is.

Marc54 said...

Hey! How come we in the Bronx aren't doing this. Does anybody really believe that Bumbleberg gives a damn about the Bronx. We have who live here seem to always get a very short end of the stick when it comes to services. There are some really good politicians who stand up for us, then their are some who put on a great Dog & Pony show, that gets zero results. People wake up, there is power in Numbers.

Anonymous said...

Great job Desiree! This is how national advocacy gets started. Looking forward to hearing more of your young and interesting voice on this blog. Your Mom should be proud...