Monday, February 14, 2011

Orchard Beach Paddleball & Racquetball Association Play Rain or Shine

My intention on Saturday was to get some photos of the "Bronx Polar Bears Club" taking the plunge into the ice waters of Orchard Beach. Unfortunately, due to a work appointment I missed the event and was unable to get photos. Fortunately, I did run into a group of about a dozen Bronxites taking advantage of the beautiful nature and paddleball courts Orchard Beach sports. They confirmed I had just missed the event and promised to send footage. The organization calls itself “The Orchard Beach Paddleball & Racquetball Association". They are a fun lively group and if you’re a Bronx resident you know you can’t get more “Bronx hardcore” than playing paddleball at Orchard Beach in the middle of winter. A close second would be the summer Salsa concerts.

For those interested in learning more out the "Bronx Polar Bear Club" please log onto the BronxNet web site. Here is the address;

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