Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call for Volunteers to join Klein's; Court Watchers Team

Here is something I find very interesting. Again sent by Klein's office. Anyone interested in becoming a “Court Watcher Volunteer” please see info below. Thank god this is no longer a norm in the Bronx. Community awareness like this program will make sure those days never come back. The next court "watching" is set for this Friday, February 4th.



Klein’s Court Watchers Team To Show Solidarity At Bronx Auto Stripping Case

BRONX, NY - Members of State Senator Jeff Klein's (D- Bronx/ Westchester) court watchers team will observe the court case of Gary Adamson, taking place at the Bronx Criminal Courthouse on Friday February 4th. Adamson is being charged for the second time with committing auto stripping.

Klein's Bronx Court Watchers program, which launched in April 2010, is aimed at showing community support and solidarity in calling for tougher sentences for repeat offenders. As part of the Court Watchers program, volunteers from the community sit-in on repeat, adult offender court proceedings, wearing t-shirts and buttons that express their intolerance for crime and call for jail-time sentencing. To volunteer for the Court Watchers program, residents should call Klein’s office at (718)-822-2049.

WHO: Senator Klein's Court Watcher Program Volunteers
WHAT: Observing Court Case of Gary Adamson, being charged a second time for auto stripping within the 49th Precinct
WHERE: Bronx Courthouse (Room LL-210), 265 East 161 Street, Bronx

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