Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here is some information on a new shopping center in the works at 230th and Broadway. From their quotes below, it seems both Koppell and Dinowitz have been working on securing a shopping center at the location for some time. Any comments from our readers?



Council Member Oliver Koppell and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz are pleased to announce that NYC Economic Development Corporation has entered into a revised contract with developer, Louis Ceruzzi, to build a shopping center at 230th Street and Broadway. The previous contract had never been finalized by Mr. Ceruzzi because economic conditions changed and building plans had to be altered with the discovery of underground water immediately below the surface. The water table level required changes in the design of the shopping mall. Despite the obstacles and the delay, Dinowitz and Koppell continued to push the city to come to an agreement with Mr. Ceruzzi. EDC officials credited the public officials with helping them to bring about the current contract.

Under the new contract, Mr. Ceruzzi has agreed to purchase the property from the city for $6 million by June, 2011 and to commence construction within 18 months or forfeit his purchase price. Mr. Ceruzzi has indicated that he is actively seeking tenants to lease the space that he is hoping that it will include one or more retail outlets, restaurants or potentially a health club.

"I am pleased that we are finally making progress at West 230th Street and Broadway. It’s been many years since I started pressing for the construction of a shopping mall at this site. I have worked hard to make this happen. I am eagerly anticipating the opening of a mall with excellent stores and looking forward to spending more of my money right here in the Bronx." said Dinowitz.

Koppell said, “I am deeply gratified that the city has finally reached an agreement with the developer. I have been working on trying to get a shopping mall at that location for many years in order to revitalize the area and provide attractive, convenient shopping and other amenities for people in the community and elsewhere.
I am very pleased that it appears our efforts are finally coming to fruition.”


cartmenbruns said...

cool what stores are comeing to marble hill we need bestbuy bjs bedbath beyond homedepot this is a fun area to shop iwish me had a trader joes

Boogiedowner said...

Right now, I don't know more than the press release states. I will ask around and see if there is any additional news.


Anonymous said...

umyeah cool thats a great spot for something like Ikea. or walmart or movie theater a good supermarket what ever they decide it would succeed! look at the target store on 225th boardway its like a sea of shoppers in there everyday. people don,t seem intrested in low quaily items these days that you see in many 99 stores that live along 231st and boardway ikea or walmart would be great acess form the onetrain and buses and the high way that runs along there