Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily News Reporter Seeks First Time Home Buyers Having Difficulty Collecting First Time Home Buyers Credit From the IRS

Due to my sales track record as a Bronx Real Estate Associate Broker, I am fortunate enough to get calls from various reporters asking for Real Estate or Bronx related information. Many times they seek out contact with individuals who can be interviewed for their stories. I hope this blog site can be used to connect reporters with more Bronx residents who have real stories to tell.

Please see the e-mail sent to me by Ms. Karen Angel of the Daily News. For those interested in expressing themselves that fit the content of her next story, please do feel free to contact her. Her phone number and e-mail is in the e-mail sent to me earlier today.



I am writing a story for the Daily News on first-time homebuyers who are entitled to the first-time homebuyer credit but have not received it and are experiencing hardship as a result.

Please have anyone interested in being interviewed for the story contact me at or 212-210-1683.

Many thanks,

Karen Angel

Karen Angel
New York Daily News
450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great article. After you write that one you do could do one about how there are no jobs in this borough. That would be a nice article. Bx Joel

Dan.Eliot said...

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