Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cuomo-Klein Tax Cap Bill Passes State Senate

Here is another accomplishment by NY State Sen. Klein. Looks like his STATEMANSHIP ,as shown in the last blog, gets things done. He worked in conjunction with Gov. Cuomo and others to enact a 2% cap on school and local government property taxes. Sounds like a good measure to keep spending and debt down. Some much needed relief for the middle class of America. Please see attached press release below from his office;


Legislation co-sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein (D- Bronx/ Westchester) that would finally provide relief from out-of-control property tax increases passed the State Senate today with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

The bill, (S.2706), which was also a cornerstone of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legislative agenda, would enact on 2 percent cap on school and local government property tax increases.

“I am proud to be working with Governor Cuomo and a bi-partisan coalition to provide relief from skyrocketing property tax increases. Our tax payers are struggling and they need relief now. We look forward to our partners in the Assembly joining us in support of this bill,“ said State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/ Westchester).

The bill would:
Cap property tax increases on schools and local governments at the lesser of 2 percent, or the current consumer price index.
Allow schools and local governments the ability to carry forward up to 1.5 percent of unused levy capacity from the previous year.
Require school budgets that are within the levy limit to only require majority approval to pass. School budgets that exceed the levy limit would need a 60 percent approval to override the cap.
Require that in the event that a school budget is defeated twice, a school district would be required to adopt a budget with a tax levy that is no greater than the previous year.
Grant exemptions to payments on local government legal judgments, capital expenses and consolidation costs.

The Senate today also passed mandate relief legislation (S.2707), that would require any state mandated program imposed on local governments, or school districts, which created any net additional cost in excess, to be funded by the state. This bill would crack down on the implementation of unfunded mandates that drive up costs on schools and local governments and ultimately place undue burdens on taxpayers.

Last month, Senator Klein and his fellow Independent Democratic Conference members unveiled their own mandate relief package that would lessen costs and relieve financial pressure placed local governments.

Video of Senator Klein discussing this legislation on Senate floor can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM-q8lRlkA0


Jack said...

The tax cap provides little or no relief for his Bronx constituents. This is about upstate, not NYC. This bill may have merits -- but what is Klein doing to support Bronxites? The Democratic leadership of the Assembly has wisely suggested that if upstate is going to get relief that makes home ownership more affordable, tenants in NYC deserve protection to make their homes affordable, i.e., renewal and strengthening of rent laws set to expire in June. Klein has said he does not want to connect the issues -- but this sort of bargaining may be the only way to get the protections tenants deserve. Klein was the only Bronx Senator to vote for this bill. Has his "statesmanship" weakened the bargaining position of the Democrats working on behalf of tenants? Klein has a history of not supporting tenants. He, Espada, Dilan and Carl Krueger were the biggest obstacles to getting pro-tenant legislation passed in the last session. Perhaps Klein is less interested in tenants because of all the money this "statesman" gets from landlords?

Boogiedowner said...

Dear Jack:

I appreciate your post. Something to think about.


Jack said...

You're welcome, Gregory. Good luck working out all the kinks here and finding your own voice as a blogger.

MargaretBX said...

I clicked on comment, but I find that Jack has already said -- extremely well -- what I was going to say.

Klein, as a Bronx rep, should support the idea of a tax cap/rent protections bill.