Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Statement from Senator Jeff Klein, (D-Bronx/ Westchester), on the passing of former Senator Guy Velella:

The following was received by NY State Senator Klein’s office this morning. It relates to the recent passing of former NY State Senator Guy Vellela. In my opinion it is the statement of a true STATESMAN.


Statement from Senator Jeff Klein, (D-Bronx/ Westchester), on the passing of former Senator Guy Velella:

“Senator Velella will be remembered in my district for his dedication and service to the community. I’m a Democrat and he was a Republican. But, when it came to our mutual constituents, we worked together and never let partisanship trump people. My thoughts and prayers are with Senator Velella’s family during this difficult time.”


In addition, please respect the call for prayer during his mourning period. I did not post information about his passing away to turn his death into a circus. The intention for the first and second post on this topic was to make everyone aware and for those who wish, to say a prayer on his behalf. All negative posts will be deleted in respect for the dead for a 40 day mourning period.


Anonymous said...

that's a crock of shit...he was a crook...what respect should there be?
he stole thousands of our dollars and just because the guy died doesn't change the fact.

this site has become so ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Let's time how long it takes this clown to delete the comment above.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond egregious. (Look it up Boobie). So shocking that it has become this bad this quickly. Deleting comments is a very good way to alienate readers. Like me. You are gross.

Guywithacause said...

Well I guess my suspicions were correct...the Boogiedowner is no longer. It is simply the marketing arm of a typical realtor, and now governed by the laws of the Greek and Catholic churches.

Gregory...I wish you the best in your new blog, but I will not be witness to you running this into the ground any longer. Until you fulfill the following requests I will no longer be patronizing or supporting this blog:

1. Use spellcheck
2. Refrain from imposing the rules of the church/religion on this blog
3. Refrain from deleting negative comments or those who disagree with you
4. Refrain from unabashedly marketing your real estate business on here
5. Smarten up! How someone can defend the word "emaculate" when they mean "immaculate" speaks volumes about you, your education, and simply reinforces the sterotype that realtors are boobs.

It should be known that I worked with "Erlu" to found this blog and this is truly a shame indeed.

Guywithacause is over and out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure never going to use "Boobie" Downer's realty services. Would you buy a house/apartment from this guy?
Would you ask him to sell one for you?

Anonymous said...

Boogiedowner, farewell. What was once an honest, feisty voice that stood up for our maligned and misunderstood boro is no more. WIthin weeks you have become little more than a forum for puffery and hackdom.

There is no here here anymore. One less must-read in the morning.