Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beginning of the End for Westchester Pete?

New York State Attorney General has filed some incendiary documents in Manhattan Supreme Court today.

Among other things, Espada is accused of funneling public monies intended for the impoverished patients and clients of Soundview Heath Care Network to his own political and personal uses.

I don't think anyone is at all surprised, but at least the pink ethics elephant in the room is being pursued legally.

Hopefully these accusations (and future charges?) will finally bring down this carpetbagging, coup leading, nepotistic, fire-hydrant blocking lout and free the 33rd senatorial district from the tyranny of his unbridled arrogance, thugishness, and blatant disrespect for his constituents' intelligence and needs.

If nothing sticks, or if any future charges do not surface before the primary this year, we must have someone run against this clown. Any suggestions, rumors, volunteers?



Anonymous said...

To the list of annoyances, can you please add this petty complaint: he has a tacky Christmas, er, Holiday wreath that's still on his door as of this morning 1/13/2010? I mean, it's not like he lives in his Bronx apartment anyway, so it's no surprise that he hasn't taken it down. . . .

paperpest said...

Why can't the Republicans or the Working Families Party run a good candidate?

Boogiedowner said...

Working Families is a good idea! They showed they could deliver with De Blasio, et al.

Could the 33rd be a battle ground on which the WFP can flex its muscles?

Anonymous said...

No, there is nobody qualified to run against him in his district. He is the best the Bronx has to offer, case closed. He is honest, intelligent, cares genuinely for his constituents, and follows the law he is sworn to uphold. Nobody in his party has spoken out against him, therefore he must be spotless. It's everybody else that is wrong.
go espada. Now, where's my free turkey?