Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Does a Constituent Contact Pedro Espada Jr.?

Senator Espada is brazen in his admission of politics as a "dirty business," and the shadiness surrounding his residency in the Bronx but his disregard in being available to his constituents is appalling. Mr. Espada not only has failed to open a district office in a timely fashion (which to our knowledge is still not rectified), but he does not even provide an address or a phone number on his State Senate website for constituents to reach him.

Unlike EVERY other Senator's page, Mr. Espada's lacks contact info (instead asking the constituent to plug his/her info in...why?), and he does not have any info in the Senate updates or Senate reports pages. Mr. Espada has a "Lorem Ipsum" in place, which is a nonsensical place holder. Mr. Espada really needs to update his website; it is down right shameful.

Take a look at different state Senators' individual pages HERE. Browse through each and see how all but Mr. Espada have contact info listed.

Even the two other Senators in the Gang of Three political extortionists have at least the address and number of both their district offices and their Albany offices. Check them out below.
Web Page of Ruben Diaz, Sr.
Web Page of Carl Kruger

Can anybody find anything useful on Mr. Espada's page? You should also check out his official senate bio HERE that lists his "offices" as NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Please email Mr. Espada at to demand that he open up an office in the district he represents. Although, when BoogieDowner tried to email a petition to Mr. Espada about potential MTA cuts, it got bounced back to us. Good luck trying to catch up with Mr. Espada. You might want to search Mamaroneck.



phillip anderson said...

best of luck up there. the good folks of the bronx replaced a guy who is going to prison with another guy who should probably join him. it's pretty sad, really. it's not like mr espada's constituents couldn't actually, ya know, need some help.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the great people of N.Y.C, won't let Mr.Espada jr get away with all the corruption he has made.we want justice to be served pronto;how can this roach continue on the state senate.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW...

Maribella Turell said...

well,after carefully following the news,and the media i personally feel he has committed fraud, it doesn't take a prodigy to see this,even a fifth grader can,so why is this possible how can the goverment allow this man to continue to take what doesn't belong to him,It's a shame,[the declaration of independences ] this is about the trust american's have with the goverment,if this man continue on the senate's seat no one can't judge, the drug dealers,drop-outs,rapest, killers etc,the goverment has a resposibility to us the people..WE WANT JUSTISE NOW...

Anonymous said...

I think I now see what prompted him to shift parties. He'll likely feel more at home now with the GOP.