Saturday, January 2, 2010

Officer Espada Reports for Duty at Bainbridge House

Last night we were walking back from the New York Botanical Garden when we saw a Benz parked right smack in front of the fire hydrant in front of our building. As many of you know, one of our favorite Senate Majority Leaders drives a Benz and "lives" in Bainbridge House. Sure enough, the license plate on the car matched up with the one that was revealed as being Pedro Espada Jr's. when Mr. Espada tried to escape CBS2's Marcia Kramer by using a baby as a human shield in Mamaroneck back in April.

Isn't Espada (or one of his friends/family members with access to his ride) afraid of getting one of those $115 tickets for blocking the fire hydrant? Well, no, because it appears that Pedro has some good friends in the New York State Police Department. He had one of those sweet little Police Vehicle Identification placards that allowed him to endanger Bedford Park residents' lives by blocking the hydrant without even so much as the threat of a ticket landing on his car.
Parking (meaning, lack of it) is a huge issue in Bedford Park. There have been countless times that we've trudged from a few blocks away while lugging our baby just because we were lucky enough to find a legal spot somewhere. So seeing Pedro roll up and park illegally right in front of our building (while at the same time throwing any concerns for his constituents' safety and well being right out the window) makes me quite angry. Not surprised at all, but angry nonetheless.Looks like our State Senate Majority Leader is starting out the New Year with the same entitled attitude that enabled him to cripple the State legislature for about a month in the early summer of 2009. By the way, it doesn't seem that Espada deigned to stay the night in the BoogieDown because the vehicle was not parked overnight.



Jogromit99 said...

I think the recent devastating fires that have plagued the Norwood also warrant a mention along with this article. Since Pedro seems to think its okay to block the one and only device that would help control fire. Thanks Pedro for being in the way yet once again. And thank you BoogieDowner for your reporting!

Anonymous said...

This may be illegal; at best it seems like an ethical violation. Please submit a complaint to the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau:

anthony rivieccio said...

Happy 2010 to all, especially Boogiedowner , for informing people to see that Santa Pedro came into town, but I guess Bedford park was a bad boy-he didn't wonder if he even knows that his new "home" is now part of a historic district)

Connie said...

What about that white truck with the female driver that usually parks right in front of the fire hydrant over night most nights. The driver doesn't even get close to the curb, it's as if they don't have a care in the world.

There is a department of justice placard in the window. I wonder what DOJ official business is going on at BBH. Is that a relative or something?

What really bothers me is there is a school, church and other no standing areas where they can park illegally that doesn't risk peoples lives, but they choose to park right in front like the pretentious scum they are.

Unknown said...

Not defending parking in front a fire hydrant. That's bad.

But, if it makes anyone sleep better: the fireman will break through the car windows in a jiffy to hook the hose up to the hydrant.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this in the mainstream news. He doesn't even try to look legit. He gets away with his shenanigans as long as the democracy allows him to. Great, you took a picture, what are you going to do about it now you powerless public? Mwahahahaha!

Seriously, they just had a story on the news about that van in Times Square with a counterfeit and official looking placard which police usually ignore, not knowing if they are official or not. They featured how it is a big problem. I also hope you file a complaint about this, and that Espada finally meets justice for all his corruption.

Guywithacause said...

Typical Bronx politician..this is nothing new or unique unfortunately. So long as he "represents" his consitutuents by keeping the government handouts flowing, he isn't going anywhere, and he will keep getting voted in year after year.

Wanna know why the Bronx is getting left behind....look to these lovely elected officials who are working hard at making themselves rich. And Ruben Diaz is following the well-worn path of grandtstanding for votes to keep yourself in power at the expense of actually doing things that are good for the community.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already, you should email your post to the Daily Politics (Daily News blog), Albany Times Union, PolitickerNY, etc.

Make sure everyone sees it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Espada did not respond to your photos and comments, but that his wife, Connie, did. Can't he defend himself? Imagine the lady in the white truck taking the hydrant spot that Espada had reserved for his Benz!!!

Groverbox said...

Thanks for this. Espada is such a creep that something like this is not very surprising. It's unfortunate that us hard working taxpayers can get a parking violation for idling in a bus stop for two seconds while trying to let cars go by,so hat I can merge without getting into an accident. Yet Espada parks at a hydrant. Get yourself a garage Espada if u cant find parking. We know u can afford it.

Anonymous said...

That is not a State Police placard. The state hands out placards from the executive and legislative branches and puts POLICE on them. Not State Police issued.

Anonymous said...

E is for Excellence
S if for standing along, yet proud...
P is for PERISTANCE,don't you get it?
A is for action, NOT words
D is for JUST DO IT, or get off the
A is for ACCOMPLISHMENTS, How many do
you have?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone respect the police or politicians if they can break the law with impunity? If it illegal to park at a fire hydrant, then it is illegal for everyone. Parking permits are for areas reserved for "permit parking," places like the street outside a police station. But, the traffic police are instructed not to ticket anyone with a permit. Just another example of injustice and corruption in our city. Espada will smile and give out free food and get elected again. Just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Where is Stanley Simon and Stanley Friedman when you need them?

Now those were real Bronx pols!

Cap'n Transit said...

Looks like this did make the mainstream media. Good catch!

Unfortunately, City Hall News reports that the Bronx machine is not planning to back a primary challenger to Espada. If any of you have any clout, you should start leaning on Carl Heastie and encouraging people to run against this turkey.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that I think there is NOT ANYONE waiting/standing in the wings that is ready to challenge him in the upcoming primary. I hope I'm wrong. He'll be voted back in by default (no challenger). Sigh :(

Anonymous said...

There must be an honest man or woman left in the Bronx. If not, no wonder the Bronx is burning - again!

Anonymous said...

Should anyone be surprised by Espada's behavior? That he drives a Mercedes Benz is utterly disgusting. We need to drive this clown out of town, back to his home in Mamaroneck. We need to organize ourselves and vote in someone that represents this community. I was less embarrassed under Bush. At least then, I could claim that Bronxites knew how to vote. Enough already! Our sole resolution for 2010 should be to stand-up for ourselves, show some self-respect and vote in a candidate that we can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that permit is a fake. That number can be easily traced.

No permit lets you park in front of a hydrant.NONE.

But thank you Jacob for informing us the our firemen would break that window in a jiffy.

And did you see the high and mighty moralizing judge in the Astor trial has a bogus permit as well?

They're all thieves.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not with the permit or even the person using it. The problem is with the cops who don't ticket any car with any permit in any "no parking" spot. If the cops did their job, neither Espada nor the Astor trial judge nor the cop on your block or mine would continue to break the law and get away with it. The cops are aiding and abetting crime, endangering our lives, and losing our respect.

Guywithacause said...

Yes it is ESPADA TIME:

E is for Embarassing, which is what he does to himself and our Borough.

S is for Sociopath, as he thinks he is actually doing something for anyone but himself.

P is for Poverty, which is how he prefers his constituents and Borough.

A is for A-ole, and a monumental one at that.

D is for Divisive, as he has shown in the legislature, the tried and true Bronx Democratic way.

A is for Asinine, for the stupd a** crap he keeps doing over and over again.