Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let the Extortion Begin: Espada's Son with Cushy, $120K, Made Up Job

The Daily Intel is reporting that NY State Senate Majority Leader, Pedro Espada (I just died a little when I typed that), has procured a $120,000/year "job" for his son, Pedro G. Espada. The new Senate gig for the younger Pedro is "deputy director of intergovernmental relations." What the fuck is that made-up job?

It turns out the job is indeed made up; the younger Pedro isn't replacing anyone - this is a newly created job.

Hiring freeze, anyone? Horrible state-wide budget crisis, anyone?

The Faustian deal the Senate Democrats made with this lout is going to bite them in their collective asses.

*Photo by John DeSio/Village Voice*



Anthony Rivieccio said...

well...............look at the good side

at least hell move out of the apartment upstairs............or maybe use the money to help support daddys big payments on the co-op unlessssssssss...............is this a job you can do at home??????

Hmmmmmmmmmm.............no wonder the dog barks late at night......theyre working....lol

rumor has it espadas office is opening SOON? Maybe, nice words for 'Chief of Staff"?

AND PS Erin-All Credit for the WW1 Cleanup should go to Wilson Hernandez and The 52 Precent and naomi Rivera-NOT CB7!
According to the gremlins, wilson took the problem into his own hands and with the help of a power washer (asked and appoved to 52, by request of NWB Democrats) by naomi rivera---to clean the mess

Anonymous said...

When is Espada going to be indicted????