Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bedford Park Residents Without Mail for Over a Week -- UPDATED

We've gotten some complaints regarding the lack of mail service recently to a local apartment building located at 357 E. 201st Street. Here are all the details:
The building has been without mail delivery for over a week. It seems that the mail carrier reported to his supervisor that the building still has the older type of mailboxes and it is too difficult to place all the mail in these smaller boxes. The Post Office has told the landlord that he must install larger boxes. They have also informed some tenants that after this Friday, all mail would be returned to the sender. Tenants may only pick up their mail between 3:30 and 5:30 at the Fordham Station. (Major inconvenience for working people and seniors.) I know that there are more than a few buildings in our area with the older, smaller mailboxes and they are not having a problem with delivery. The mailboxes in question are not broken or vandalized.
Complaints have been logged with Councilman Koppell's office, as well as Senator Espada's office. Does anyone have any insight on the legality of this issue? Any suggestions as to what other actions the tenants could be taking to reinstate their mail delivery?

We've received an update from someone who attended the building's tenant meeting this week -
I attended the tenant meeting this evening. Senator Espada sent three staff members and Councilmember Koppell sent a staff person. The building manager attended as well as many tenants. There has been some success. The Post Office will start to deliver first class mail tomorrow. The landlord expects to have the new boxes delivered by Monday. Our elected officials made more than a few calls to postal authorities.
One tenant, who is a letter carrier in Manhattan stated that there are many buildings in Manhattan with the same type of mailboxes. He said that there are only two reasons for non-delivery of mail. One was broken boxes and the 2nd was a building which is considered unsafe. Neither of these exists at "357".
The phone numbers which one of your readers listed were invaluable. The tenant leader called the Postmaster General in D.C. and received much help. Thank you again for your help. The elected official"s staff asked that the tenant leader call tomorrow if the Post Office does not follow-up.
The consensus was that the problem was caused by the letter carrier.


Anonymous said...

Mailman who complained about small boxes is the same one responsible for three incidents of mail theft, once in the building going without mail now and twice in another building. Why does he still have a job?

Anonymous said...

I got these numbers from the NYC Green Book:
New York District Manager, Robert Daruk 212-330-3600

New York Metro Area, Vice President for Area Operations, David L Solomon - 718-321-5823

US Postal Service, Postmaster General John E Potter 202-268-2000

Call and keep calling - ask why these mailboxes suddenly are not suitable -- I doubt they've changed since last week.

Anonymous said...

I called the 1st number and got a very nice lady who listened carefully and asked very detailed questions. She said she would send it to both the head of the Bronx unit and to his supervisor. Lets see what happens?

Anonymous said...

The Slumlord, I mean the Landlord should comply. He charges huge rents to his tennants, why doesn't he spend a few hundreds dollars making the building vestibule looking better, the tennants happy and the post office able to deliver?