Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pinata-thon at Bronx River Art Center a 'Smashing' Success

Photos by Simone Davis, www.thebronxrocks.com

Pun intended in our amazingly dorky title of course...

Simone Davis has a great post with awesome photos up on www.thebronxrocks.com. She attended Rompe Puesta (Pinata-thon) at the Bronx River Art Center this past Friday, and damn did it look like a good time! 23 NYC artists and art groups contributed some pretty elaborate looking pinatas stuffed with condoms, mini booze bottles, organic teas, lingerie, etc. Don't worry - there was also a fair amount of good, clean candy and toys for the kids in attendance.

Click on over to thebronxrocks.com to see more photos and read all about it.

Thanks for sharing Simone!~ErLu

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