Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bronx Videos Have a Home on Vimeo

Lou once had a colleague who used to walk into the faculty room on Thursday mornings and shout out, "SHIT - So Happy Its Thursday!" So here's a Thursday kind of post which will enable you to waste some time at work as the end of the week lazies start to hit you...

Our buddy Idio of GuyaRican Productions just alerted us to a channel on Vimeo dedicated to works shot in the Bronx or involving the creative juices of Bronxites. It seems like one of those things that's only as good as you make it, so next time you upload anything interesting to Vimeo, be sure to tag it as "Bronx" and include a brief description of the work.

Here's a fun video I found by ApSci, an electro-hiphop duo whose founder Ra LaMotta hails from the BoogieDown. ApSci created the video using nothing but an iPhone, portable printer and webcam.

ApSci - Under Control from LaMotta on Vimeo.


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