Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Way, Jose...Come On, Mr. Rivera

Disclaimer: For those who are very sensitive to fashion criticism, or unable to pick up on sarcasm, please remember this is a joke.

So the Bronx News Network has a very extensive update about Ruben Diaz and his (delinquent?) advice on the Kingsbridge Armory. You can always count on them for some real journalism.

You all know what the ole BD feels about the issues of living wages and the fight against a new supermarket, so no need to be repetitious.

BoogieDowner just wants to make a little fashion exhortation to Jose Rivera (pictured far left). What's wrong with the picture below?

(photo courtesy of BNN)

Mr. Rivera, if you're going to show up to an official press conference/protest, please put on some dress slacks and a tie. 'Street casual' is not an acceptable look for an elected Bronx official unless you're busy dodging inquiring reporters up in Mamaroneck. If you're out-classed by Maria Baez, pictured far right (she of velour sweat suit fame), you have a problem...Step your game up, Jose. On a side note, it's nice to see our neighbor Doug Cunningham of New Day Church repping Bainbridge House.

And Petey Westchester was in the Bronx today. I wonder why he didn't show up? Pariah, anyone?



Anthony Rivieccio said...

Dear Boogiedowner

as I have suggested to many "newbies" in The bronx, before you start to develop theories on our neighborhood-first-you learn more about our neighborhood:The people, its political players, its community roots; from Jewish, To irish, to Jewish to Puerto Rican to????

Once you learn these important traits then you will know that; for example, Mr Rivera has been a 40 year activist for the people of The Bronx. HE SAID IN 1982-he wears his casual clothes-as a badge of honor.

Now while NWB Democrats has disagreed with him over the years, we have learned to respect the code of his dress. Just as one should respect the code of a 5 decade supermarket or the code of overdevelopment or the code of changing the character of the community.

yes while change is, in some eyes progress. Better change can come-after first learning your Bronx history. sadly at times, your blog shows that to be the case. We want to improve on the old Bronx-not create a New one!!!! (I think...I hope....Ill shut

And by Boro President Baez statement---its He sounds confused himself

AND PPS. Espadas check to MMCC was $90,000....not $10,000....and the gremins told me it was issued to MPC President Dart westphal and MMCC President Don Bluestone......


Boogiedowner said...

It was a joke, Anthony.

Eric said...

I've lived, grown up, and known the Bronx all my life. As I get the reason for Mr. Rivera to dress casual but it doesn't really hold water in my eyes, (and many others I suppose). You see when you start to lower the standard of Presentation, respect and authority you undermine the the effort the others who are trying to maintain and elevate those standards. I do believe in self expression but that is better left for arts and culture events. If you continue to lower the standards for yourself you end up being left behind progression.

Anthony Rivieccio said...

true but according to mr rivera;
you do not wear a shirt and tie to a streetfight-you wear battlegear

and erin......nice joke...lolol