Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bronx Pizza Tour 8/30 (And Methinks They're Accepting Recommendations)

Something Tasty from the Inbox:

Free Bronx Pizza Tour
(pay for your pizza)
Sunday, 8/30/2009
Starting at 12:22PM

Hello everyone, This Sunday 8/30 is the Bronx Pizza Tour, the second
to last exploration in pizza by the borough. Again, it will be hard to
beat the tours of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island (especially after
last week's topping of all toppings, Salvatore's of Soho), but I have
high hopes for the identifiably Italian borough of the Bronx. I
expect this to be tremendous and eye-opening.

The course is still in the planning phases and I will go on an
exploratory tour on Tuesday or Thursday via bicycle during the day if
anyone wants to come. There I try out speculated great pizzas and try
to decipher which would work best for the tour. If you have any
suggestions or opinions, they would be appreciated as I narrow down
and expand the list to 5 or 6 remarkable pizza places. The only
potential definites so far are Louie & Ernies and Trattoria Zero Otto

Transportation will be decided based on the responses we get for rides
and locations. Depending on the drivers, some may be driven to the
Bronx, and some we will meet at the first location. On Friday I will
let everyone who is attending know the travel arrangements or the
contact info of their transport. We should aim for 12:22 at the first
location TBA.

Taking into consideration the tolls, drivers will pay nothing for
pizza AND drinks.

Please let me know if you are planning on coming and if you intend to
brings any guests. Forward this to any freaks of pizza you know who
you think would like to attend. If seats have to be limited, whoever


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Jeff said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm trying to have a great "tour" of the Bronx. The best? eh, who cares? let's just have fun exploring and seeing what's awesome.

Earlier this week may have been the only other time I've been in the Bronx since the Zoo. I rode on my bicycle doing research for the tour, and let me tell you - it was challenging!

soooo.... I have 4 definites: Marios, L&E, zero, and cross bronx.... The first three are pretty obvious ones, but they seem to be able to back it up and I wouldnt want to miss them. I have other possibilities, but if there are any recs, please send them my way. and if you want to come, we have openings available. as of now, it's going to be 8, but I'd love to make it 2 pies worth of people like we had in Brooklyn.