Monday, August 3, 2009

Listing of the Day: Bedford Park Rental [UPDATE: Fraud Alert!]

UPDATE: Big thanks to loyal reader Newburgh Restoration for getting to the bottom of this. It turns out to be a scam. There was some return email about missionary work and London, sending keys and first month free. $700/month for a one bedroom in Bedford Park did sound awefully low - too good to be true because it isn't. The missus also pointed out that the sunken living room pic is not from those apartments (we've been inside for open houses).

E. 201st Street and Decatur Avenue, 1 Bedroom - $700/month

Anyone familiar with the hood will notice this new-ish construction that a developer was trying to sell about a year or two ago. It appears that the units have gone unsold and have been on the rental market for a while.

The building itself is not the worst Fedders monstrosity I've ever seen (it's not even the worst in the hood). There are cute little balconies/terraces for everyone but the ground floor. The makeup of the building seems decent enough - not overly rowdy. There's a Mexican family, who use indoor seating as outdoor seating, a hipster with a small dog, a grand dame Puerto Rican woman who decorates her balcony with plastic ivy vines and lights.

The hood has some pretty cool stuff to offer. You'd be near the Mosholu Parkway, which serves as a long green park (with a road) that connects Bronx Park to Van Cortlandt Park. You'd be near the Bronx Greenway and great biking. The Botanical Garden is pretty damned cool as well, and until October there is a twice weekly farmer's market at the Garden.

There is decent shopping on Bedford Park Boulevard, a bit more on 204th Street across Mosholu Parkway, and yet even more down on Fordham Road. If you want really fresh and quality products like bread, cheeses, meat, fish, pasta, or produce, I'd take the 15-20 minute walk to Arthur Avenue or ride my bike over.

Fordham University and Lehman College always provide cultural offerings to the hood like lectures, talks, plays, and musical performances. Fordham provides pretty decent college sports to the nabe.

The hood is saturated in transportation with the B/D at Bedford Park Boulevard and the Concourse, and the 4 train at Bedford Park Boulevard and Jerome Avenue. The Botanical Garden also has a Metro North stop.

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anthony rivieccio said...

i want to thank you for your listing and promotion of bedford park. In 1982, i experienced all the things you mentioned and have wonderfully stayed here since.

I love, like yourself, enjoying Arthur Ave once a week, and walking the bronx greenway---connecting left off mosholu parkway to van courtland.......or the garden, fordham university and the bronx zoo.

I walk the greenway daily for exercise. After an hour of smelling pure oxygen (because of all the greenway trees) i am ready to start my day.....

but one correction if i might in your story...................

as much as I love Mosholu is NOT A is designited as a Federal Highway...."with open green space". IT IS NOT A DESIGNATED PARK......thus, you can not BBQ, or do many park related activities, that many residents are trying to stop.

After all, you would not BBQ, picnic, play volleyball or even sunbathe....on a highway...would you?

At one time Mosholu Parkway and the greenway was treated with respect. Now, as residents, we are trying to re-institute that respect back

Anonymous said...

According to this listing -

It says the rent is $1700 not $700.

Hmmmm...I wonder what gives?

Boogiedowner said...

That's a good question...

There's no phone number attached to either listing and charges for access, so if someone has a account please contact this agent/person subletting and get down to the bottom of this.

There is also a disparity in the # of bedrooms offered. The craigslist says 1 bedroom and the lists 2....Maybe someone is trying to find a roommate to eat the extra $700?


anthony rivieccio said...

my gremin neighbors tell me its a 1 bedroom....roughly...$1100-1400.

Of course, 2 bedrooms are more

Newburgh Restoration said...

Wow, I got hyped for a second. It looks too good to be true.

Newburgh Restoration said...

Just so you know....I got an email back from the people who have this listing, and I got back one of those bogus replies "I'm in London I need to send you the keys, the first month is free" then in capital letters "me and my wife are doing MISSIONARY WORK" yeah ok...FAKE!

Boogiedowner said...

Sorry about putting this up. I thought the price was really really low, but thought maybe it was a recession special. I've posted a $600/month one bedroom in Parkchester that ended up being a similar fraud. Sorry again!

Jay Gould said...

ONE of these buildings sold; I'm the owner and the lister of the apartment (at $1700, NOT $700!!) My phone number is listed on my Craigslist ad at I am shocked that someone used my information to defraud anyone. My comments about Mosholu Parkway being a "park" aren't intended to convey anything but the look and feel of a green place with benches and trees and a sense that it's okay to play ball, walk the dog (CLEAN UP, PLEASE) etc., rather than an official designation. I'm still looking for a tenant, by the way...