Friday, August 28, 2009

Great Haircuts for Kids at 'Someplace Special'

Last weekend we decided that it was finally time to save our 19 month old, Pearl, from her sheepdog-style hair. We haven't cut it since she was born (well, except for that teeny, tiny little dread I had to snip out when she was an infant... bad mommy!), so we decided the best way to ease her into the adult world of primping and styling was to just get her bangs cut.

We suspected that Someplace Special on W. 238th Street in Riverdale would be the perfect place for her first trim (we just didn't feel that the various weave/braiding options available in our neck of the woods would be a great fit for a toddler), and we were not disappointed. The owner of the shop, Suzanne Axelbank (wife of Bronxnet's Gary Axelbank), certainly has a gift for cutting kids' hair. In addition to having tons of distractions available (toys attached to the cutting chair and your choice of any number of kids' dvds playing), Suzanne has even been known to cut hair while kneeling on the floor as kids play with toys.

Click here to check out Someplace Special's website, where you'll find a detailed price list and lots of other information. Suzanne has experience working with autistic children, and also participates in Upshirin, a ceremony given for the first haircut of 3-yr-old Jewish boys. Appointments are highly encouraged. Someplace Special is located at 490 W. 238th Street, right off of Riverdale Avenue, and the phone number is (718) 432-6622.

Here's a picture of Pearl, post-cut, having celebratory gelato on Arthur Avenue:Damn, she's cute.



Suzanne the Haircutter said...

You are correct, damn she's cute!It was a pleasure meeting you guys!

Anonymous said...

she's beautyful!