Monday, August 31, 2009

Bronx Co-op Trolley Tour, the Real Deal, and the FDNY

So ErLu went on Gregory Tsougranis's North Bronx Co-op Tour this Saturday morning. The turnout was great considering that Mother Nature was once again emptying her bladder on a weekend this summer.

We arrived at Greg's office and had some coffee and mixed and mingled with the potential buyers, brokers, and even a Real Deal journalist covering the tour. There was a couple originally from Ohio, who worked at the Zoo and lived in Parkchester (and to my surprise when I was introducing myself and handing them a BD card, were actually already BoogieDowner readers!). There was the fellow who was interested in terraces and balconies and actually left the tour to take a meeting in Soundview about a condo he was stalking there, only to return later. There was the single white female from Queens looking for a bargain. There was the Bedford Park resident looking for a 2 bedroom for him and his young daughter. There were many others but the ole BD doesn't have time or space (or readers' attention) to chronicle them all. In all there were about 25 people on the tour.

The tour started very well. The trolley first took us to 601 Pelham Parkway North. The art deco building with beautiful mosaics in the lobby (pictured below) was stunning, and the apartments matched. We next saw a few very nice units on Bronx Park East, followed by a very underwhelming building on Thwaites Place.Our next stop was at 340 E. Mosholu Parkway in ErLu's own hood of Bedford Park, so Pearl, who was quickly approaching her need-a-nap-been-on-a-novelty-trolley-too-long breakdown was able to walk home with the missus.

The converted Jr.-4 we saw on the Mosh was nice enough, and after I viewed it and checked out the building I returned to the trolley. After waiting several minutes for the rest of the crew to return to the trolley, one of the brokers came on to the trolley to alert us that the second shift of trolley riders had packed too many people into the elevator and were now stuck in between the 3rd and 4th floors. I guess in these old art deco buildings you get the original details, but also the original elevators.
Needless to say the scene was pretty surreal. The brave Real Deal reporter, Amy Tennery, (pictured below with FDNY hero) was stuck on the elevator as well. I wonder what angle her article will take? Not the impression Greg and the Bronx real estate industry wanted to show, but don't they say there's no such thing as bad publicity?Everyone was rescued (the trapped souls had to crawl out in between floors, because the elevator would not start back up), and the decision was made to abort the mission and head back to Greg's office. But as a testament to the hunger for Bronx co-ops, some buyers were undeterred and wanted to go back out with Greg when everyone else was dropped off to see the remaining units.

All in all it was a good day, if a little surreal. ErLu would certainly suggest that if you're in the market for an affordable co-op apartment in a nice art deco building that you should call Greg or go on one of his tours. We'll keep our eyes open for the Real Deal piece and link to it and let you know how Amy reports on such a bizarre experience.



Anonymous said...

NY1 had a good writeup recently on the bronx too

Anonymous said...

Hey BoogieDowner: Was that underwhelming building on Thwaites Place, 620, by any chance. That would be the building that I was raised in and lived in for 19 years. It was great then---it seems to have fallen a bit into disrepair since then....I am not too insulted......

Boogiedowner said...

I forget the exact address of the building... But that's sort of what it seemed like - a building that used to be good but then lost its sparkle.

Michael said...

I was one of the lucky ones stuck in the elevator. We had flown in from Ohio to help our kids in the apartment hunting process. I finally made it back home to Ohio only to find our experiences here on BoogieDowner well documented. My question after being stuck in the elevator however was never answered.....for such a miserable experience, do you think we could knock 20K off the apartment we saw in that building? Actually it was an interesting experience even if a bit warm and cramped. But most of all, kudos to the realtor and bloggers like BoogieDowner who make apartment hunting a lot easier and more palatable. Congrats to you all as you present the Bronx in a great light and that's what it should be. I certianly hope our kids settle there I'm looking forward to heading back. But this time, I'll take the stairs thank you.