Saturday, August 22, 2009

Must Read/View Piece by David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez, one of our favorite NY Times writers, has a fantastic piece about his return fresh from Yale to the South Bronx in 1979 to teach photography.

Here's the written piece.
You must also view this slideshow with voice-over of photograph's Mr. Gonzalez took during what he described as the "Bad Old Days."

*photo courtesy of David Gonzalez*


Dana Marie said...

I enjoyed reading this! I grew up near Crotona Park North / 175th Street in the 1970s and witnessed the Bronx 'devastation' as a child. Didn't know about the politics and mass was my life. A poor black girl surrounded by hollow tenements and vacant lots. When my family moved to Westchester / Trinity Avenues in '77, windows in our 19th floor apartment were murials depicting what our neighborhood went through. Fortunately over the years, the murials became more progressive in terms of renewal and renovation.

But the 'old days' (good or bad) are etched in my memories forever...

Boogiedowner said...

Thanks for sharing Dana Marie! David's piece really was incredible.