Saturday, August 1, 2009

Co-op Living In Edgewater Park & Silver Beach Featured In the Times

Photo by Ozier Muhammad/NY Times

This week's 'Living In' feature in the New York Times is one the the most interesting I've seen in a while. It takes a look at the Bronx cooperative communities of Edgewater Park and Silver Beach where shareholders own their homes, but lease their land. These communities have always interested me for obvious reasons: pretty affordable single family homes (some with pools!), a solid reputation, and close proximity to the water.

But, alas, homebuyers attracted to the area will have to start networking and kissing some ass: in order to buy in Edgewater Park or Silver Beach, you must have three letters of recommendation from current shareholders. Nice strategy to keep ruffians like ourselves out! It's probably worth the added hassle of having to make some friends: one longtime shareholder describes the community as "a Shagri-La, where the kids can live in bathing suits all summer long."

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I was raised in the Bronx, and visit there often now, and I never even knew that these two communities existed!