Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily News Content Continues to Extole Virtues of Bronx Real Estate... But Why Would It Pay for a Slogan and a Marketer?

As many of you have probably noticed, we've ceased posting our "Round'em Up" feature for a while... We've been away a bunch this summer and haven't had tons of time to devote to updating the blog, and keeping up with Bronx-related news stories has been a challenge.

We missed this Daily News article about a developer who actually doesn't seem evil who is doing well for himself rehabbing properties in the BoogieDown, and wanted to share it with you. Click here to check it out. This piece is actually part of a larger real estate series called 'Bronx Special: You Have to See It To Believe It!' Okay, I'll admit, I added the exclamation point in that title myself... but I had to. The title was so cheesy that I could just picture flipping on my tv at 2am and seeing Erik Estrada standing proudly in front of Tracy Towers yelling, "The Bronx -You Have to See It to Believe It!"

Daily News also recently had a nice feature on Silver Beach Gardens, a waterfront cooperative community nestled between the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges in the Bronx. Interestingly enough, they beat the New York Times to the punch, as the Gray Lady featured Silver Beach Gardens and its neighboring Edgewater Park community in their 'Living In' column just a few days later. There are some other Bronx real estate items from the Daily News here and here as well.

All this recent press has the ole BD wondering aloud once again: does the Daily News have some sort of stake in the BoogieDown's real estate game? Their general coverage of the Bronx is always pretty awesome, but the recent uptick in positive real estate coverage has us a bit baffled.

We're certainly not complaining, but we would love to know why the News ran a piece a few weeks ago about a real estate marketer (David Williams, Seventh Art Group) who recently built a fluffy website as part of his efforts to rebrand the Bronx. We're all about folks doing their part to help the BoogieDown's public relations issues, but we were really surprised to see the following disclaimer at the bottom of the 'Bronx - Think Again' website:

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