Thursday, August 13, 2009

Espada's Son Already Quitting Made-Up No-Show Job

Big props to the Bronx News Network for aggregating all the links about the younger Espada resigning from a blatantly nepotistic $120K/year job. Click here for their News Roundup (the first two items are about this resignation).

My favorite link must be the one from the Post, in which the younger Espada is absent from his new job, only shows up after being told the Post is looking for him, needs to be directed to his office by a staffer, and is unable to log on to his computer.

I guess an (additional) investigation from AG Andrew Cuomo was not welcomed by the Espada clan.

*Photo of Pedro G. Espada doh-ing his way out of a job courtesy of NY Post*


Anonymous said...

Disgraceful! This is probably only 1 of the things that Espada and his clan have gotten caught doing. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been scamming New York for years. I truly hope that the constituents of the 33rd New York State Senatorial District due there due diligence to make sure that Espada does not get re elected in the next election.

I am not Star Jones said...

The Espada family machinations is like watching the Three Stooges work in state government.

We all deserve better than these buffoons.