Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meteorology & Meatballs: Bill Evans Apearing at Ann & Tony's

Finally, two of my favorite things have come together: meteorology and meatballs!

Okay, I'm lying. While I absolutely adore meatballs, I have an intense dislike for meteorologists. This aversion to weathermen was passed down to me from my mother, who can often be seen pointing at weathermen delivering their shoddy forecasts on the evening news and yelling, "You're all a bunch of goddamned idiots!" And once when my husband, Lou, and I were watching Mr. G's forecast on Channel 11 the night before a heavily hyped snowstorm (he's a teacher, so we're always hoping for the almighty snowday), and Lou looked at me and said, "Does it look like he's lying? I swear to god he looks uncomfortable like he's lying to us right now." Sure enough, Mr. G's forecast was a less than accurate and we got little more than a dusting of snow.

But if there's one meteorologist who has stolen my heart, it is WABC's Bill Evans. Aside from providing pretty decent forecasts, Bill cracks me up (even if it is mostly at the expense of his corpulent traffic sidekick, Joe Nolan). So when I saw through Bill's Facebook page (yes, I'm that cool that I am Facebook friends with Bill Evans) that he was going to be appearing tomorrow night at Ann & Tony's here in the BoogieDown to promote his new book, I just had to let everyone know. Here are the details:
"Emmy Award Winning" weatherman and New York Times Best Selling Author Bill Evans will be at Ann & Tony's Restaurant (2407 Arthur Avenue) signing his new book, Frozen Fire, Thursday, 8/20, from 7 to 9pm.

Bill Evans will be signing books, autographs and be available for pictures.

Click here to check out his new book on

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Ralph said...

Thanks for promoting this event. I'm Ralph, I own Ann & Tony's along with my brother, Anthony.

Hope to see you there ask for me if you come.

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