Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Listing of the Day: Yankee Stadium Studio

Walton Avenue and 165th Street, Studio - $800/month

This is not a bad little studio for those who are tired of having roomies or being subsidized by a third party for rent. The nabe is affordable and close to transportation, but don't think you'd have to leave the hood to enjoy yourself...

You'd find yourself in the heart of the Yankee Stadium development orgy in this apartment. Obviously, the City and the Yankees want this hood to do well. It's probably one of the most heavily visited outer-borough attractions for tourists. Expect an already decent hood to flourish. Now if only you could use slightly illegal municipal bills to fund your next move like the Yankees, you'd be looking at real estate sale listings instead of rentals, but that's fodder for another post.

Joyce Kilmer Park on 161st Street is a nice stretch of green across from the courthouse. The park runs more north-south than East-West, so your more northerly spot here at 165th doesn't mean you'll be schlepping too far. You'd also be close to new and the old Yankee Stadiums, of which the latter at some point in the future hopefully will become a bad ass park for the community (although sadly the city and the Yankees are moving at a snail's pace on the project).

You'd be reasonably close to the recently opened Gateway Center Mall. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is just on 165th and the Grand Concourse, but there is art up and down the Grand Concourse in the 160s and 150s with beautiful Art Deco architecture. You'd also be near the new healthy foodie option 4Food.

Lots of choices for transportation. For those who work on the West Side there is the B/D at 161st. For those who work on the East Side there is the 4 at 161st and Jerome. And pretty soon you'll have a Metro North stop around the corner as well.

Another added bonus of the hood is that if you're a keggler, the nabe's got you covered too; Ball Park Lanes is on 160th and River Avenue (literally across from the soon to be old Yankee Stadium).




Anonymous said...

The Yankee Stadium (the actual name, somewhat curiously, is "Yankees -- E. 153rd Street") Metro North stop has been up and running since May.

Thus far, game-day ridership is running at less than 50% of projections. And I see at most 4-5 people leave my inbound train at that stop in the morning rush, and maybe 2-3 boarding my outbound train at night.

While I'm a huge supporter of public transportation in general, I think that the MTA could have found plenty of other better places to spend $90 million.

Anonymous said...

My understanding was that the city was also doing part (if not all) of the financing for the Yankee Stadium metro north stop.
Also, boogiedowner, can you be more specific when you use the term "orgy of development". What exactly do you mean by this? Although I live in Manhattan, I visit the Yankee Stadium area from time to time, and even recently, did not see much change in the architecture around the stadium and Joyce Kilmer park. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

The final tally is MTA $58 million, NYC $39 million. My main point is that the odds of this station ever seeing enough regular daily commuting traffic to justify its price tag are extraordinarily slim.

Boogiedowner said...

BD was referencing the Gateway Center, the new Metro North station, the new stadium itself, and random assorted building (some nice some fedders). Maybe orgy was too strong....A development heavy petting?

Anonymous said...

I live one block from the new stadium and I can say that it is a relief to have less congestion on the 4 & B/D trains. If only for this, I'm extremely grateful for the new Metro North stop and I feel the money was well spent.

There are quite a few construction projects going on in the area. It seems that the construction of the parking garages is swift, but the parks we're supposed to have are being built ever so slowly. Its heartbreaking. However, the parks that weren't converted to garages do look nice (they've already been upgraded.) Joyce Kilmer park looks great, the Grand Concourse is looking very nice, and the little plaza in front of the court house (taken over by skateboarders) is also pleasant to look at.

With all that in mind, I still lament loss of all that park land (trees,grass, open space) just to get a new stadium. I used to have a great view of Manhattan, now all I see are screaming fans. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:59, I'm assuming you're talking about less congestion on the B/D/4 during game days. And that's all well and good, but was it really worth $90 million to have another way to get to 81 Yankees games a year?

And if you're talking about reduced congestion on non-game days, something else is at play: either a change in the scheduling of your line, or maybe the fact that ridership of the subways is down quite a bit due to the recession. I'm willing to bet that when official ridership numbers come out, the number of riders who use the Yankees stop on a non-gameday-weekday could fit, standing-room only, into a single car of a B train.

I will cheer any investment in the Bronx and in public resources, but this particular investment wasn't a very efficient one.

Anonymous said...

The congestion on non-games days is up by 149th street now due to the opening of the gateway center. I love the hood but we need more neighborhood-y hang outs...such as a coffee shop, more restaurants, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:12pm, yes I was talking about the congestion during the game days.

As far as I can see, ridership on the B/D/4 is up on game days. I don't know how the Metro North station is doing as far as foot traffic.

I have to agree, 90 million is a lot, but then maybe this new station will provide an option for people that commute to their jobs in this area.

Its best to wait and see the ridership #'s before calling it a complete waste (maybe it will only be a half waste!) In any case, I totally get your point.

Anonymous said...

RE: Post at 3:29pm, I meant to write that ridership is up on non-game days.

cutiepie company said...

Tell me more about 4food--when does that open? I recently discovered a few more wonderful neighborhood gems: a small farmer's market on Tuesdays at teh edge of Joce Kilmer park, and a nice wine shop on E. 157th st. btwn Gerard and Walton, called Gio. It's the kind of wine store you can actually walk inside, there is no bulletproof glass, and is shiny and clean. A revelation for me here in my hood!

And dont forget Franz Sigel park, just north of Joyce Kilmer, with a great little dog run.

Boogiedowner said...

Wow, that's a really cool update about the wine store. We know what you mean - one recently opened near us that doesn't have bullet proof glass and we were psyched! As for 4Food, it's a healthy fast-food type restaurant that was supposed to have opened by now... I'm gunnna guess that with the financing world being in the shitter, the project has been held up. I actually just sent the rep there an email to see what's happening and we'll let you know. Here's a link to our original post: