Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily News Continues to Recognize the Hotness

I'm not sure if the Daily News has a huge stake in Bronx real estate or what, but coming fresh off the heels of an entire special Bronx edition last week (there was even an accompanying marketing website and cheesy slogan [BD thinks its own "The Bronx is Burning - Burning Hot!" is much better than "If You Think You Know the Bronx- Think Again!"]), there is another article profiling a few happy new arrivals to our beloved borough. The first paragraph says it all:

"By now everyone should know it. The combination of cheap apartment prices, lots of green space and convenient transportation to Manhattan has more home hunters from other boroughs and outside of New York taking serious looks at living in the Bronx."

Just an fyi for whomever fact-checked the piece: it would be much more accurate to say that Mosholu Parkway and its environs make up an emerging neighborhood near the New York Botanical Garden, rather than the Bronx Zoo. The Zoo is close, and we bring our little one there often, but NYBG is much closer and convenient to the hood.

Thanks for the recognition, Daily News!



Anthony Rivieccio said...


Thats why I have lived on Mosholu parkway fpr 17 years and District 7...for 36 years....THE ZOO IS ON FORDHAM!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the article means as "emerging". What does that say about the people living there for the past ten or twenty years, who have made it work. Was the neighborhood then "non-emerging"? If I had been living there a while, I would have been very annoyed.

Anthony Rivieccio said...

Boy thats a 25 year and 2 Bronx Political war