Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Listing of the Day: Roommate Hunt

Fordham Road and Crotona Avenue, 1 Bedroom in a 2 Bedroom - $650/month

This Listing of the Day isn't really profiling a super cheap, big, or even transportation privileged place (the normal troika of Listings of the Day), but the situation melted BoogieDowner's blackened heart. The thaw of Spring is on!

In any case, the listing is for a shared apartment in the Belmont/Fordham University area (really the eastern edge of the the hood). It appears that a Master's student at Fordham is moving out in May to take an internship, but his/her roomie is staying. It's pretty admirable that the person is searching for a replacement and not just skunking the remaining roomie with lurch in the lease.

The picture (you read that right - singular picture) looks decent and the hood does have some stuff to offer like Arthur Ave, Fordham Rd., Fordham University, the Zoo, and the Botanical Garden. It's pretty cheap if you don't mind completely unknown craigslist roomies. To be honest sometimes that's better, because you can hate them and not destroy a relationship.

For transportation, you'd probably be relying on the Bx12 on Fordham Rd to get to either the B/D on the Concourse or the 4 at Jerome, or head east for the 2/5 at White Plains Rd on Pelham Parkway.




Anonymous said...

Good god, I hope that's not really $650 a *day*!

Boogiedowner said...

April Fool's! Er, actually, just a typo. Thanks for the heads up!