Thursday, April 30, 2009

Listing of the Day: Flop House Friday

4443 Park Avenue, 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms - $135,000

Park Avenue for $135K? Not that Park Avenue...

BoogieDowner decided to switch up our recent "Fancy Friday" LODs with a little something from the other side of the tracks (quite literally). This entry in the LOD Hall of Shame is a 4 bedroom on Park Avenue in the Bronx, which is right across from the Harlem Line Metro North tracks.

No interior shots, so who knows what's inside this beauty (squatters? crackheads? corpses? corpses of crackhead squatters?). The exterior shot shows a rather dilapidated dwelling with graffiti scrawled on the front. It's hard to make out what the graffiti says, but upon closer analysis it seems to say either CCLD (maybe a young scholar was trying unsuccessfully to write 750 in Roman numerals?) or it could say CRIP (which would indicate a very high level of safety for the neighborhood) or again it could be some type of FEMA code like they used in New Orleans during Katrina to identify the contents of dilapidated houses (Crackhead Corpse Lying Dead).

If anyone if brave enough to go view this, please call the listing agent, schedule a viewing, and report back on this Park Avenue Palace.



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