Friday, April 10, 2009

Listing of the Day: University Heights Lovely Listing

University Heights, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathrooms - $369,900

BoogieDowner has recently been intrigued by a website called "It's Lovely! I'll Take It!" which shows the best of the worst real estate listing photos. Some of the funnier photos include a gentleman trying to hide from the camera on the wrong side of a cupboard, a bathroom with an enema bag, and even one of BoogieDowner's own discoveries of a pic with a TV that is turned on and showing the 70s hit "Good Times."

Well, this house is not the traditional Listing of the Day. Usually BoogieDowner looks for quality, space, and affordability. This listing neglects to even give the specific address of the house. It's somewhere in University Heights, which ain't Mayberry by any stretch of the imagination.

What struck BoogieDowner were that the pics in the listing; there were only two. First was the exterior of the house, which was decent, but average. Second was not even a pic at all, but rather a clip art image of a foreclosure notice. Not sure if banks usually use calligraphers to write out foreclosure notices, but they sure did for this one. I wonder why the agent thought writing that the house was a foreclosure wouldn't be enough to get the point across. I guess she feels some of us are just visual learners and that she needs to appeal to all learning types. So progressive...



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