Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Blind People Walk Into Them."

What, you may ask, are all the blind people in the Bronx walking into? Sandwich board signs on sidewalks advertising open houses, or so says Councilmember G. Oliver Koppell.

The New York Times' Jennifer 8. Lee reports that Koppell has proposed legislation that would hold owners of the signs accountable for posting them illegally. Here's Ollie's take on the situation:
“They are dangerous,” Mr. Koppell said. “People put them on the sidewalk. People can trip all over them. Blind people walk into them.” [New York Times]
Ollie, Ollie, Ollie... where do I begin? Rome is burning and you're proposing legislation to control sandwich board advertising?! I gotta say, this particular issue sounds like a ridiculous Riverdale-specific problem (which is usually Councilmember Koppell's forte) that is more of a minor annoyance, not an actual dangerous situation. In fact, I'd like some numbers to back up the claim that blind people are walking into these things. I can safely say that not one of your constituents living over here in Bedford Park could give a crap about this issue.

For a bit of background on this sandwich board advertising epidemic taking place in Riverdale, click here to read a Times' article from two years ago.


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