Monday, December 7, 2009

Listing of the Day: Carrion Chops Again

620 City Island Avenue, 6 Bedrooms - $4,000/month $3,800/month

I guess this is a very soft market for renting out converted French B&Bs on City Island. It looks like former Beep, Adolfo Carrion, is still trying to rent out his old digs on City Island. BoogieDowner had profiled this unit back in July when it was listed at $4,200/month (a chop from an original $4,600). Then the old BD stalked the listing and found a second rental chop in September down to $4,000.

Well, now this puppy has been reduced down to $4,000...$3,800

Addie's off in Washington (although no one is really quite sure what he's doing), and he is still trying to rent his opulent City Island pad.

The craigslist ad BoogieDowner stumbled upon doesn't explicitly mention that it is Carrion's house, but there's only one "Former French B&B" on City Island and only one ex-Beep who used to reside in the aforementioned former French B&B.

From BoogieDowner's past jaunts on City Island Avenue, we can certainly affirm the house's party potential.

This is a little out of most BoogieDowner readers' budgets, but I heard it has a pretty sick catwalk...*wink*wink*



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