Monday, December 7, 2009

Matt Damon at Fordham Today

Good news: Matt Damon was indeed filming at Fordham on the steps of Keating today.

Bad news: My pics are horrible. Pearl and I weren't allowed on Eddie's Parade (the lawn in front of Keating's steps) due to our non-extra status. So we, along with all the other stalkers, were relegated to the sidelines. My poor little Canon Power Shot just was not up the the job, and these are sadly the best pics we could get of Mr. Cutie Pants.
It was definitely fun to see the filming and the movie will be interesting as Fordham was not only a backdrop for the filming today...Matt Damon's character is actually a Fordham alum who has come back to announce his intent to run for public office. Good stuff.~ErLu

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