Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo of the Day: '12 Days of Christmas House'

On the 1st Day of Christmas,
The Garabedian Family Gave to Me:
A transgenered St. Anthony apparently
attempting to pay off a baby Jesus

Photo by ErLu

Keep checking back each day until Christmas as we feature photos of individual elements of the insanity that is the Garabedian Christmas House on Pelham Parkway.

And yes, we know the "12 Days of Christmas" actually run from Christmas Day through the Epiphany, but it's just so much more fun this way.


rochambeau said...

Hi. I found you whist googling photos of holiday windows. Must tell you how much I appreciate your rye sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can make a good pastrami sandwich with your "rye [sic]sense of humor."