Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

As negotiations between Related and the Bronx delegation of the City Council delegation continue, here are links to all the coverage: Bronx News Network, Huffington Post, Village Voice, and WNYC.

Hundred's turned out for this year's Albanian Independence Day, which was celebrated in Belmont []

Bronx Prep recently celebrated its 4th annual 'College Application Mail-Out Day' [Huffington Post]

Ollie Koppell calls a seemingly pointless Town Hall Meeting to discuss the Armory [BxNN]



anthony rivieccio said...

I woult call it a pointless meeting. At worst, now Mr Koppell has the City Hall Amno to tell his collegues what the 11th council citizens think.

And if you want to take "potshots", talk about Maria Baez, who's district it is in, who did not have a town hall meeting, nor the availability of The New Councilperson in that area, Mr Fernando Cabrera

And, If Boogiedowner was not there-then I find it shocking to have any opinion at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Kingsbridge Armory at City Hall

Boogiedowner said...

The designation of Ollie's meeting as "pointless" is based largely on Bronx News Network's report (along with a discussion with a neighbor who was in attendance) that Mr. Koppell had his mind made up before the meeting, but nevertheless held a meeting at which he heard nearly unanimous calls to vote no, yet still stood his ground. Here's an excerpt:

Koppell, whose district abuts but does not include the Armory, came asking for advice and he got an earful. But he appeared to be taking none of it, leaving him as the only Bronx Council member publicly bucking the borough president’s push for the living wage provision. (BNN)

We also spoke with a neighbor who was in attendance who described Koppell's interactions with the concerned constituents present as "extremely patronizing." This is not a potshot, but an adjective chosen based on a journalistic report, as well as a review of the meeting from a neighbor.

Your claim that BoogieDowner's absence precludes it from rendering an opinion is just simple-minded, defensive, and wrong. We all have opinions on events we have not actually attended. I am sure you have an opinion about the healthcare town halls that happened this summer (or any other slew of events - city council meetings, rallies, events in the past, etc.). Were you there? No, sir, you were not, but you based your opinion on journalistic reports of the events (as we have done with this town hall meeting).

BoogieDowner does not claim to be a journalism outlet; it is highly subjective, personal, and sometimes irreverent. If you take issue with that (as you seem to quite frequently) please feel free to stop reading and commenting.


Anonymous said...

Dignifying any of Anthony's regular ramblings with a response is a waste of time and energy.

anthony rivieccio said...

I think ErLu, that Firstly, the spirit of debate, is both, the cornerstone of democracy and neighborhood strength (dignify that Mr Anonymous...oh yes thats right....this name is dignified enough for you and your own anonyomous rambling thoughts)

ErLu, a few sinmple thoughts:

Firstly, yes, I read The BXNN and of course, we all should choose more than one content source. HOWEVER, your neighbor is abolutly correct. Over 90% of the 65 people that testified (included myself) discussed the current developmentsof the Armory.thus, making your judgement on both of those sources i guess was creditable (but what does that tell you about subjective coverage that one thinks is objective)?

I think Oliver will keep his committment to his former neighborhood. More importantly, I think The City Council delegation will make the armory a City Living wage/Community Space Example.

And while we disagree about The inclusion of A New Supermarket-I can totally agree with many of your readers that say that Morton Williams is overpriced and lack of quality. If any other good comes out of this, it will be more community and political pressure to clean up Morton Williams

And your subjectivity is fine with me so...................Do you mind if I keep reading..??....

what you might hear from time to time however, is a 30 year former community board 7 member , civic and community activist, that, ErLu, finds his ways to MANY meetings in the neighborhood, as you should know from our monthly get togethers at Bedford Mosholu