Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo of the Day: 'The Joey Reyes Series'

1 Train, 225th Street Station at DuskPhoto by Joey Reyes

When we were contacted by Bronx photog Joey Reyes, we knew it would be impossible to select just one or two of his shots to feature as Photo of the Day.
So we decided to feature them all over the next three weeks in a special series.
We hope you enjoy!

About the Artist:

my name is joey reyes. i currently reside in parkchester but i grew up in the soundview section of the bronx.

my interest in photography started back in 1994 when i was just 15 years old. i was attending washington irving hs in nyc. i saw they had a photography program and was interested in making it my major. i was accepted into the program in the 2nd semester of my sophomore year and never looked back. here is where it all began; from shooting my first photo with a self-made pinhole camera to developing my own b&w negatives and prints in the dark room. shortly after that, i started working for a local youth organization called "youth ministries for peace and justice" (or ympj for short). they also had a photography program that i quickly volunteered to help facilitate.

my first camera was a pentax k1000 (which i still use today) and i carried it with me wherever i went. as the years went by and digital cameras became more popular, i began experimenting with them as well. i also have a holga that i love using. i love the lo-fi look of lomo. lately i've been using my iphone a lot to achieve a similar look. it's such a great tool. and with all the great editing apps available it's even better. i can't put it down. i photograph everything. i even leave the camera open when the phone is in my pocket just in case i catch something interesting. i can just pull it out, wake it up and snap away.

lomosnaps is the result of my iphone photography experiment. i hope you enjoy my work. you can see more at

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