Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

The City has offered a compromise on the living wage issue in order to get the Armory deal done [Daily News]

A profile of the newly opened (and quite gorgeous!) Mill Pond Park, a new waterfront park in the BoogieDown
[Welcome to Melrose]

Possible rezoning could spur development of downtrodden area of the Central Bronx
[Daily News]

Tesfaye Girma-Bekele, an Ethiopian who currently resides in the BoogieDown, took first place in the California International Marathon this weekend

A developer wants to build a 'hip looking' new mixed use 18-story building (complete with a bowling alley) at E. Tremont and Webster Avenues [Daily News]

The drama continues for the Fordham Rams who have officially decided to release sophomore star guard Jio Fontan from his scholarship...so much for the hoops teams' revival
[Daily News]

All the details regarding a recent ConEd oil spill that has affected the Bronx River that the mainstream media has largely chosen to ignore [Tremont Tribune]

The gang over at Bronx News Network has taken home some much-deserved Ippie Awards [BxNN]

The City is withholding a certificate of occupancy for the new Mount Hope Community Center because the building encroaches on City property by three-eighths of an inch [Daily News]

A Westchester Magazine writer with impeccable taste has a crush on the Bronx's very own culinary superstar Baron Ambrosia [Westchester Mag]

The Silver Fox reports all the week's juicy Bronx political news [Daily News]



Jay Shuffield said...

Worth noting that the "'hip looking' new mixed use 18-story building" is in the "downtrodden area of the Central Bronx" being considered for an overall rezoning.

Anonymous said...

who is going to live in that building? is this being built 20% "affordable" - which means 80% someone else or empty (!) - or is this to provide housing for the people who live in that area? this is a crucial question. let's not celebrate this project until that question is answered.