Thursday, December 3, 2009

Matt Damon Filming at Fordham...Alums/Students Welcome as Extras!

Here's a nice opportunity to see Matt Damon in all his glory without being labeled a creepy stalker...

We received an email from Fordham University announcing that Matt Damon's upcoming movie, The Adjustment Bureau, will be filming at the Rose Hill campus this Monday, December 7th! Wooo hoooo - hubba hubba!

Mr. Cutie Pants will actually be playing a Fordham alum who's announcing his intent to run for Senate at a press conference. The casting company is looking for extras made up of 350 to 450 peeps ages 21 and up from the Fordham community. Here are the details:
If you are interested, you should email a recent picture to with "Fordham Student" in the subject line. This subject line applies to all faculty, staff and alumni who choose to participate. The casting company has said they will be in touch with all who contact them by Sunday at noon.

All who participate must be prepared to be on campus by 6:00 a.m. (or earlier) and remain on the set until 5:00 p.m. Dress warmly and in your Fordham finest. Participants will receive $90 for the first 10 hours. In case of a very heavy rain or heavy snow, filming will take place on Tuesday, December 8.
First U2 and now Matt Damon...Fr. McShane is really bringing some bling to the ol' alma mater. Living right around the corner from campus, it's kind of killing me not being able to participate in the shoot. But I suspect dragging Pearl to an 11 hour shoot for 90 beans may violate some child labor laws. Rest assured I will be there lurking in full stalker mode for a glimpse of what's happening.


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He actually has a very intelligent potato face.