Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Zombies Needed for The Baron's Next Episode [Location Update - Right in Bedford Park]

From the one and only Baron Ambrosia of Bronx Flavor:
We are doing our holiday episode this weekend. Anyone who is interested in being a holiday zombie tomorrow in the Bronx or Brooklyn please let me know. I need about 20 in total. Shoot is from 2pm-4pm. Will announce location tonight.

We are seeing if we get more Bronx or Brooklyn zombies. It will be on the street and close to the train.

Let me know. The look is zombie/holidays/1950's. I have the make-up and eye-balls. The episode will air on New Years Eve on BronxNet 67 and run for the month!! It will also go on the website at midnight!!!

For anyone who has wanted to star in a Bronx Flavor episode and has a zombie fetish this is a perfect chance to multi-task!

If you want be a zombie on an episode of Bronx Flavor, drop the Baron a line:

[Location and details update]:
Greetings Boogie D's,
It will be a fairly simple and quick guerrilla film shoot tomorrow (about an hour). We will be getting some nice big zombie group shoots and some individual close-ups as well. The zombies will be wandering around wreaking havoc. A few folks will be playing victims. For the most part you will all be chasing my character Baron Ambrosia around Jerome Avenue.
Feel free to get as zombied out as you please (1950's clothing style is a plus). I will be providing wild zombie eye-balls.
We will be meeting at the Bedford Park Blvd/Lehman College Station stop of the 4 Train in the Bronx at 1 PM. Meet at the bottom of the staircase outside of the station. If you are facing the street there should be a Getty Gas Station to your right at the intersection of Jerome and Bedford Park Blvd. This role is unpaid but will be a fun holiday adventure for all.
Please send an email if you are attending to
Merry Zombie Christmas!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah that picture is truly disgusting. Can someone please explain this craziness? Is this something only a real Bronx native can appreciate and understand? I've seen some of the things on Bronx public access- someone could take better pictures with a Fisher Price camera.