Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Guy Might Actually Get Me to a Game or Two...

Photo: Jake Chessum/New York Magazine

First U2 plays on the steps of Keating Hall, and now Fordham University has a hot quarterback... man I wish I could roll back the time and be an undergrad right now.

FU's quarterback, John Skelton, graced the pages of the most recent New York Magazine, and all I have to say is: hubba HUBBA, owww owwwwww! Talk about a tall drink of water...

Maybe we'll actually venture out of the beer tent at this weekend's Homecoming to see Mr. Skelton in action on the field.

Click here to check out New York Magazine's piece.


1 comment:

Guywithacause said...

Geez..this kid looks 35 already. I believe the average lifespan of a football player is 50...and for good reason. The punishment these bodies are taking in the form of work-out routines, non-stop scrimmages, and "supplements" since the age of 5 (for many of these players) send them to an early retirement with numerous physical injuries, disabilities, and pain...and then they are dead at 50. There is nothing to envy about football players, except the money....but my health/life/well-being are more important. Makes for good TV though!