Thursday, October 30, 2008

Listing of the Day: Crotona Park Rental

Prospect Avenue and 175th Street, 2 Bedroom - $1400/mo

Riding on the coattails of this week's "Living In" piece in the Times, we've decided to bring you a Crotona Park Listing of the Day.

As evidenced by the pictures that show a rectangular cutout low on the living room wall, methinks this is a Fedder's building. Fedder's or not, an apartment you could split for $700/month is pretty damned cheap. I really like the looks of the kitchen. I am a sucker for the pass-through. And to be honest the cabinets appear to be reasonably new.

The apartment is right across the street from Crotona Park, which has its own lake and pro tennis tournament every summer. Seriously, I am not joking here; it's called the GHI Tennis Classic. Crotona Park happens to be the biggest park in the Bronx south of Fordham Road, and it would be right in your backyard.

For transportation you have the 2 and 5 trains at 174th and Boston Road or if you walk west you'd be pretty close to the Tremont Metro North station.


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