Monday, October 27, 2008

Katie Lee Joel is an Idiot

First off, this post has nothing to do with the BoogieDown... I was just flipping through the most recent New York magazine and got a little fired up about something.

On Jada Yuan's "Party Lines" page where NY Mag asks celebs questions on hot topics while they're attending some shee-shee-foo-foo affair, they ask Katie Lee Joel (Billy Joel's 14 year old wife) the following:

"What would you and Billy Joel buy now: art or real estate?"

Katie's response: "I love real estate. To me, real estate is the ultimate tchotchke. We have five houses; we like our real estate."

OMG (sorry, I've been watching a little too much Gossip Girl): Is she serious? For those who don't know, the word "tchcotchke" means "an inexpensive souvenir, trinket, or ornament" [].

So BoogieDowner now hates this z-lister for two reasons:

1) Only total losers use the word "tchotchke."

2) Only spoiled brats view their real estate holdings as "ornaments" or "trinkets."

I hope they lose a ton of benjamins due to the implosion of the real estate market. The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

UPDATE: BoogieDowner awoke to find an angry comment from Billy Joel himself defending the honor of his lady. Because of the magic of the inter-web, we have no real way of knowing if this was the Piano Man himself, or some Sai Baba-type impersonator. We're a pretty humble little blog, so we're going to assume it was not actually Billy Joel.

Nonetheless, this commenter was pretty fired up and pointing out that our "comprehension of Yiddish irony and sense of humor" are nonexistent. We couldn't agree with you more William. So BoogieDowner delved a little deeper into the world of Yiddish irony, and turned up this alternate definition for tchotchke: "things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)" []. This would be a more appropriate way for Katie to use the term when bragging about her five houses. We still stand by our assertion that only losers use the term tchotchke.

*Irritating photo of Katie Lee courtesy of (boogiedowner of course inserted the word "sucks" - we're so damn crafty)*



Anonymous said...

Gay koffen yon, you fucking shmuck. Your comprehension of Yiddish irony and your sense of humor are equally non-existent. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size - like me. Billy Joel P.S. We haven't lost a nickel on our real estate

Anonymous said...

What's the matter putz? Are you too chickenshit to post my previous reply to your updated post? Lay off my wife or I'll track your goniff ass down and smack your lights out. I'm from the Bronx too. Sincerely, Billy Joel